Recipes, free from British Grasses & Dairy

All the recipes on this website are free from Gluten, Dairy and often, Sugar. I can’t say they’re grain free as I use a lot of rice flour. I like to use Total Sweet as a sugar substitute as it’s healthier than other sweeteners. Also, it looks just like real sugar and can be used in exactly the same quantities. Which makes cake baking a lot easier. I sometimes add Soya flour to my recipes to aid with browning of bread, cakes, pastry etc. But this can just be excluded if you have a Soya intolerance. Or replace with something like Buckwheat flour.

Summaries of some recipes below, just click on the button to take you to the main recipe pages

Savoury Recipes:

Marguerita Pizza – Gluten & Lactose free
This pizza has a gluten free base and the cheese is Sheeps cheese which should be OK for people with a lactose intolerance. But not if you’re intolerant to the proteins in Animal milk
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Yorkshire Puddings – Wheat and Dairy Free
The light weight flours help the Yorkshires rise.
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Gluten free yorkshires

Chicken Chasseur – Gluten & Dairy free
Delicious slow cooked chicken in a white wine sauce with tasty herbs . Recipe taken from Schwartz Website. They say to use chicken portions with skin. I prefer unskinned. Then the sauce isn’t so fatty and greasy
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Creamy Cajun Chicken – Gluten and Dairy free
This creamy Cajun chicken tastes just as good as the real thing but uses Soya Cream instead of Dairy Cream
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Meatloaf – Free from Dairy & Gluten
This makes a truly delicious juicy meatloaf. Gorgeous hot with Veg or Chips but equally lovely in sandwiches cold the next day
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Sweet Recipes:

Cotswold round fruit scone – Gluten and Dairy free
A lovely fruity scone round 7 inches diameter. 
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Mini Bakewell Tarts – Gluten, Dairy and Corn Free
Delicious Melt in the Mouth Cherry Bakewells. You won’t believe they’re free from Wheat, Dairy and Corn.
Swiss Roll recipe ~ Free from Dairy, Wheat, Corn & Sugar
This is just as delicious as any swiss roll I’ve tasted and is pretty easy to make. You could also use the mixture for fatless fairy cakes, or a fatless sponge cake which you could fill with cream and jam if you’re not dairy intolerant. If you fill with sugar free jam (diabetic jam) then it is only 12 Syns for the whole swiss roll. Or, fill with jam and my dairy free buttercream-like icing.
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Low Carb Muffins, free from dairy, wheat, gluten & Sugar
These Muffins are mouth wateringly good and you won’t believe you’re not eating something very fattening. You can add your own flavourings but be careful they’re not full of sugar. This recipe is so simple, yet so delicious. You can just mix all the ingredients together in one go and you don’t have to beat it for ages.
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