Tips & Tricks

Here’s a page of little tips and tricks you might find useful. This is a new page, so the list will grow with time

When you want to keep Apples from going brown when peeling and chopping, put them in salted water. I was given this tip by a lovely lady in her 80’s and it works so much better than lemon juice. Just remember to drain off the water before cooking

2. When painting posts and fences outside, especially fiddly little picket fences, use a small sponge roller. You’ll zip through it so much quicker than using a brush or large roller. In fact, I use small sponge rollers for all sorts of tasks. I use them to paint my wooden stools for engraving, Internal doors, external doors (varnish), panelling in my bathroom and my kitchen cupboards.

3.  When trying to manipulate gluten free pastry, eg. folding to make sausage rolls, pasties and apple turnovers, roll out on to cling film, so you can easily lift up one side and fold it over.