Yorkshire Puddings – Gluten and Dairy Free

I love Yorkshire puddings but haven’t been able to successfully make Wheat and Dairy free ones before. I don’t need to have ‘Free from’ foods but feel guilty if I’ve got lovely fluffy Yorkshires and other members of the family have some resembling small pancakes. So I was really pleased when I managed to almost perfect them.

If you try this recipe, you may get better ones than I have as, I don’t think my oven is great at Yorkshires anyway. I can’t seem to get the fat smoking hot and yet my oven is always a bit hotter than the temperature knob. Weird!

Anyway, my recipe is below. And I hope you too can have lovely light Dairy free and Wheat Free Yorkshires.

I like to use Glebe self raising flour (it also doesn’t contain cornflour if that’s a problem for you) and Koko dairy free ‘milk’ as it’s got a nice mild flavour – not over Coconutty. I don’t like coconut.





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