Aunty-Lils Free From Recipe Book ~ Tasty Cakes & Pastry

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Having a family with various food intolerances, I thought it would be a good idea to
write down the cakes and pastry recipes I’ve perfected over the years.
It’s so depressing being told you can’t have certain ingredients any more and when
you read the labels on food, it seems, if it doesn’t have one of the foods you
shouldn’t have, it has another.
I myself, don’t have any food allergies or intolerances but love the Cakes and
pastries in this book so much, I would never go back to eating these things made
with wheat. The pastry just melts in your mouth and I defy anyone to tell the difference
between my sponge cakes and what they would consider the ‘real thing’.

All the recipes in this book are free from Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Soya and Dairy
Products. I also only use cane sugar in the recipes as one of our family members is
allergic to Sugar beet.
The main ingredients you will need to follow these recipes exactly are as follows:

  • Gluten Free Plain flour. At the time of writing this, Doves Bread Flour doesn’t have Cornflour added but their Plain Flour mix does.
  • For the fat, I like to use Trex vegetable fat. The solid one. I used to use White Flora but don’t think it’s available any more. I also mix half and half with ‘Pure’ non dairy spread. Depending on rich I’d like the pastry.
  • Caster sugar (Tate and Lyle products are made from
    cane sugar)
  • Eggs

Recipes for Swiss Roll, Jam Tarts, Bakewell Tart and lovely Gluten free bread are amongst the recipes in this book.

I don’t tell visitors my cakes and pastries aren’t made from wheat and dairy and no one has even noticed as yet.