A collection of Cake Recipes – Free from Gluten, Corn and Dairy

Below is a selection of links to my Cake and Dessert recipes. All free from Dairy, Corn and Gluten/Wheat

Chocolate or Carob Sponge Cake - Dairy and Gluten free
The ingredients I like to use are as follows: Dove's Freee Bread Flour, Tapioca flour from Buywholefoods Online. Not all tapioca flour is the same. I tried another make once and it was sticky Pure Dairy free spread - Sunflower or Soya both work well
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Low Carb Muffins, free from dairy, wheat, gluten & Sugar
These Muffins are mouth wateringly good and you won’t believe you’re not eating something very fattening. You can add your own flavourings but be careful they’re not full of sugar. This recipe is so simple, yet so delicious. You can just mix all the ingredients together in one go and you don’t have to beat it for ages.
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Rich Coffee and Nut Cake – Gluten & Dairy Free
This would also make lovely Gluten free brownies. A rich moist cake.
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Digestive or Rich Tea Biscuits
Melt in the mouth gluten, dairy and corn free biscuits
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Gluten and Dairy free Fruit cake loaf
Small 1lb fruitloaf free from Dairy, Gluten and corn
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Individual Sticky Toffee Puddings - Gluten and Dairy Free
These are truly delicious and so simple to make. Each time I have them as a dessert for family gatherings, someone always asks for the recipe. You can also keep some spare ones in the fridge and heat up briefly in the microwave for an instant yummy treat.
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Fabulous Lemon Curd - Dairy Free & Sugar Free
A really simple recipe to make delicious lemon curd for cakes or sandwiches with no sugar, so great for a keto diet as lemons are low in carbs too
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Rich Christmas Cake - Gluten and Dairy Free
This is a beautiful rich and spicy Christmas Cake and the addition of Cherry Brandy liqueur gives it something extra special. Not many people seem to know what Cherry Brandy tastes like. It's absolutely gorgeous and should be up there with the most popular liqueurs. Tastes just as good poured over Christmas Pudding.
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Scones - Dairy & Gluten Free
Lovely scones that taste like the real thing. Just add Jam and Non-Dairy cream
Cotswold round fruit scone - Gluten and Dairy free
A lovely fruity scone round 7 inches diameter. 
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Mini Bakewell Tarts – Gluten, Dairy and Corn Free
Delicious Melt in the Mouth Cherry Bakewells. You won't believe they're free from Wheat, Dairy and Corn.
Apple Frangipane Tart - Dairy free and Gluten free
This tart is based on a recipe by Mary Berry and it's absolutely delicious.
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Individual apple pies – Gluten and Dairy free
Melt in the mouth apple tarts that taste and smell just like the real thing Lovely with Provamel soya cream alternative or Dairy free custard
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Quick Apple Bake – Dairy and Gluten Free
This is really tasty and if you bake in small tins, you can freeze some for another day. Tastes lovely hot or cold and is very moreish
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