Keto – Low Carb Diet ~ Part 3 ~ Sample Menu for a day

Sample Menu for a day

2 Fried Eggs, 3 slices Bacon, 5 mushrooms,
1 small grilled tomato
1 Slice low-calorie bread such as Weightwatchers, Danish or Nimble
spread with butter

2.5 units

Cold chicken with ‘basic’ salad,
1/4 chargrilled green pepper
0 units


Large Pork Chop with teaspoon apple sauce
Cabbage & Bacon (recipe page 11)
1.5 units
Knickerbocker Glory (as recipe page 7)

0.5 units

3 cups of Tea or coffee, drunk throughout the day
Each cup made with 20ml milk
0.75 units

Bar of Milk chocolate

5 units

TOTAL: Only 10 units