Keto – Low Carb Diet ~ Part 2 ~ Introduction

Have you tried the Atkins Diet and still been confused about Carbohydrates?
Do you hate reading labels and trying to decipher the amount of grams per portion?
Do you even know what a carbohydrate is?

We all hate weighing and measuring when dieting. This book is so simple to follow.
All you have to do is add up to 20. The recipes are so simple and are all made from
the ordinary day to day foods we all keep in our fridge and larder.

There is a lot of controversy about low-carbohydrate diets but the fact is, we all eat
too much sugar. It is a great contributory factor in the cause of Diabetes, which we
all know, is on the increase.

Everyone who’s read this book all say the same thing. That it’s so simple and the meals
so filling that you don’t feel you’re on a diet at all.

This Knickerbocker Glory is only 0.25 Units.Unfortunately, it’s already been eaten….
……. by the Author

When you purchase the ebook, you will also be able to download a 

FREE Carbohydrate Unit counter of 100’s of popular foods,
so you can devise your own recipes and meals to follow this diet.