Bible Cake

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This recipe was given to my dad by an old friend who found it in a Family Bible. The recipe was dated 1725.

To find the ingredients, you need to look up the Chapters and Verses in a Bible or online. I haven’t actually made this myself, or tried looking them up but have always intended to. I’ll get back to you when I get round to trying it out. I believe it’s a fruit cake but I might be wrong.

One clue: Ingredient no 5, 6 ozs Nahum Chapter 3 Verse 12 is Figs

To be eaten at Hallowmas (2nd November – All Saints Day)

Bible Cake

This is a cake recipe found in an old Bible dated 1725. Unfortunately, it doesn't say the oven temperature or how long you should cook it for. At a guess I would say 160 deg C for a couple of hours in a deep lined and greased cake tin. I think it's probably a fruit cake
Prep Time1 day
Cook Time2 hours
Total Time1 day
Author: auntylil


  • ¾ lb Kings I Chapter 4 Verse 22
  • 8 ozs Judges Chapter 5 Verse 25
  • 6 ozs Jeremiah Chapter 6 Verse 20
  • 8 ozs Samuel I Chapter 30 Verse 12
  • 6 ozs Nahum Chapter 3 Verse 12
  • 2 ozs Numbers Chapter 17 Verse 8
  • 2 tspns Samuel I Chapter 14 Verse 25
  • ½ teaspoon Chronicles 2 Chapter 9 Verse 9
  • 1 cup Judges Chapter 4 Verse 19
  • 3 St Luke Chapter 11 Verse 12
  • 1 pinch Genesis Chapter 19 Verse 26


  • On St Jude's night (October 28th) mix together Ingredients 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11.
  • On Hallowmas Eve (November 1st) Add Ingredients 2, 7 and 9
  • Stir in unbeaten ingredient 10 and bake


Would love to hear from anyone who gives this cake a go. You need to look up the ingredients in a Bible.

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