Seed Packet Templates

seed packet templates

I’ve been harvesting a lot of seeds recently and thought I would sell them on the web, so wanted some nice vintage style seed packets. I searched for seed packet templates and didn’t really find what I wanted, so made my own.

Then I thought, I’d offer a few different designs for others to use.

You can either download the jpg images and edit them in your graphics programs, or download as pdf files if that’s better for you.

Click on the images below to view larger sizes. Right click on images and chose ‘Save As’ then save to your computer.

Hope you like them. I’ll put more up here as I design them

Or, if you’d like me to edit one of the designs for you to use, just email me and I’ll change the wording on any of the templates for you for FREE!

I printed my seed design on Kraft envelopes from my local stationery shop. They were too small to go in the printer, so I stuck 4 together as a sheet with masking tape at the back and printed 4 at once. Alternatively, you can buy Kraft Paper, envelopes and labels on Ebay for some great prices

Most of the images are designed by

so many thanks to them.


Hope that helps.

Seed Packet Template
Seed Packet Template 1
Seed Packet Template 2
Seed Packet Template 2


Seed Packet Template 3 Christmas design
Seed Packet Template 3


Seed Packet Template 4
Seed Packet Template 4


Links to PDF files:

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4



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