BEWARE! Don’t sign up to Epson Readyprint Flex until you’ve read this post

I’ve decided to write this post about Epson Readyprint Flex as I’m so angry.

I bought myself a new printer Epson WF-2935 and was very happy with it.

Went to Epson to register my Printer. That’s all fine, then I looked at the price of new ink cartridges. Saw they were really expensive, so found if I paid for a subscription on Epson for 50 pages per month,  it was only £2.99 and they would send me new ink as needed.

Looked a really good option, so I signed up. You can cancel at any time, they say. All went well for a while, then I found I was printing too many pages which Epson charged me at .10p per page, so upgraded to 100 pages. Still seemed a reasonable price. They sent me new black ink long before I needed it, which was great.

Then one month I had 70 pages carried over as I hadn’t used up my quota. I was printing less in general, so downgraded back to 50.

What I didn’t realise was, the 70 pages were only carried over for one month. I did a lot of printing the following month and they charged me £13.00.

I tried endlessly to contact them about this, phoning, emailing various departments but gave up when everyone tried to pass me on to a different department.

Epson’s Customer Service is basically non existent.

So, I decided to cancel my subscription with Epson, even though I wasn’t due any new cartridges having given them a substantial amount of money. I didn’t want the stress of wondering if I was going over my quota again.

I felt relieved and like a weight had been lifted and off I went printing to my heart’s content. Until this morning, when my subscription expired. Tried to print but a message comes up on the printer that there’s something wrong with my subscription/registration.

So, I went to Epson and made sure my account was cancelled – tried printing again and – it just won’t have it.

Next, I Googled how to stop Epson talking to my printer and found a few websites with people all having the same problem.

Here’s a link to one of them

Basically, it seems, you pay money to Epson but if you dare to cancel your Readyprint Flex subscription, they block your printer from printing. The solution to this is, buy some new printer cartridges from elswhere – even though, you’ve already paid for the ones’s in your printer that still have plenty of ink in them.

This makes Epson thieves in my opinion. My subscription has been running for many months. I’ve had one ink cartridge, been charged an extortionate amount for over printing and now I have to throw away perfectly good cartridges to get away from their hold.

This can’t be legal.

So, WARNING, Be very careful about signing up with them. It’s fine as long as you keep to the pages allowed and you need to be with them forever if you don’t want to throw away cartridges you’ve already paid for.

Shame on you Epson.



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