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Gluten and Dairy free Bisquick style mix

Author: Aunty Lil


  • 4 ozs Gluten Free Flour I use Doves GF Bread Flour as it has no Cornflour
  • 1 tsp Gluten free baking powder Make sure it's gluten free. Waitrose own make is GF
  • 1 oz Dairy free margarine I use Pure Dairy free spread


  • Mix all the ingredients together, rubbing in the fat until it's like fine breadcrumbs. I use a fork.
    You could also use a food processor to mix it. But don't over mix it.
    It's now ready to use in any Betty Crocker recipes.
    If you need it to be dairy free, I substitute the milk in Betty Crockers recipe with either half and half provamel soya cream alternative and water, or Koko dairy free milk alternative