Update on Jed 1

Off to have his first vaccine on #worldcancerday

Well, two weeks after coming home, we went back to have his mouth checked out. And I was really worried he’d have to have it repaired but, thankfully, the hole wasn’t too big and Prof. Bacon said it may well heal on it’s own.

His Melanoma vaccine has been ordered and paid for.

Not long after our appointment, the feeding tube in his neck broke free of the stitches and I phone Fitzpatrick’s to see if this was a problem as I didn’t need to use it. They said I could pull it out but Jed wouldn’t let me near, so I left it and by morning it had fallen out by itself. That was a relief.

jed with feeding tube in neck

Jed went back again and had his mouth checked once more. It seems the hole is starting to heal and new skin is gradually growing over the inside of his cheek which I was shown a picture of on a mobile phone. It looks very raw and pink at the moment. No wonder he doesn’t want to open his mouth too wide or let anyone else near it.

He was given his first vaccine and that went well as he was still dopey from the sedative to look in his mouth.

We have an appointment to go back in two weeks for the next vaccination.

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