Jed and the Deer

Friday the 13th. What could go wrong today? A lovely sunny morning, Jed, Silly Millie and I set off up the lane for a pleasant morning stroll.

We hadn’t got very far when Millie dashed off into the hedgerow next to the lane and few seconds later, a small deer ran out in a panic, crossed the lane and crashed straight into the fence opposite, was momentarily caught up in the barbed wire at the top, then started trying to run down the lane with it’s hooves slipping and sliding all over the place like Bambi on ice.

deer in wheat field

All this commotion seemed to happen in slow motion. Millie was half heartedly chasing the deer but Jed, waited for the exact moment to pounce on the poor animal like a panther. He was just about to sink his teeth into the deer’s neck, so I had to dive on top of Jed in a strange rugby tackle like movement. I pulled his front legs from under him and he fell flat on his face, the shock of which made him let go of the poor Fallow deer. I held on to Jed’s collar, the deer scrambled to it’s wobbly legs and ran off down the lane in a very precarious manner, with Millie running after it.

I called her back and she came immediately, which was very heartening.

Jed just looked a bit disappointed that he’s lost his quarry. I had two grazed knees and was a little shaky!


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