I just had to dedicate a page to this company. I ordered plants from them for the first time recently and
was amazed at the quality when they arrived – only a day after ordering. But it’s probably not surprising
when you find out they supplied the flowers for the Royal Barge (Part of the article below)

I’ve always bought bargain plants from the internet before, for example 200 plugs for some rediculously
cheap amount but this has often proved to be a false economy as even with TLC many of them have
disappeared or died from a fungal disease.

Also, when I’ve purchased what’s described as a large pot plant, they have often been dissapointingly
small and sad looking.

From now on, I’m going to be buying from this company and propagating from their beautiful plants.
They arrived in boxes almost a metre tall with plants in full bloom. I couldn’t see a speck of imperfection
on them. Even the compost looked perfect. I have never seen such perfect plants.
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Their home page starts off with this description:

Crocus – Where top designers get their plants


Welcome to Crocus
Plants are a bit of an obsession with us (albeit a healthy one). We covet them, admire them and spend
every hour of every day helping them grow big and strong.

Here is part of their article on the Royal Barge. Please go to their website to see more. They have some great content
and advice on gardening of all sorts. I shall be copying some of their articles into my posts to pass on and hopefully
get them more customers.

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Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Sunday 3rd June 2012

Over night, there is heavy rain and 30 mph winds – not ideal conditions for flowers and plants on a Barge.
Kitty and I rush down to Cadogan Pier, where the Barge has been moved overnight, to see what damage has
been done. Mercifully, there is very little so we both breathe a huge sigh of relief and spend the rest of the morning
cleaning up and waving at passing boats and helicopters. It’s a wonderful feeling standing on the Royal Barge seeing
all the other barges passing by. The other boats need to get upstream of the Royal Barge so we have a mini Pageant
all to ourselves. Finally, the time for us to leave arrives. It’s the end of a magnificent adventure. We step off the pier
to see thousands and thousands of people lining the Embankment. It’s going to be a great day and both Kitty and I,
and all the team at Crocus, are very proud to have played a small part in it.


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