About Jed the Rottweiler

I’m not sure where to start here. Jed must be the strangest dog we’ve ever owned. And we’ve had 8 dogs over the years. He’s obviously extremely intelligent and thinks far too deeply for a dog. They say dogs don’t ‘reason’ but I’m sure he does. Which is why he’s a bit of a worrier when it comes to being examined by vets or seeing other dogs having treatment.

Sometimes, because he clambers around steep embankments overgrown with brambles and bits of broken branches etc., looking for small mammals and behaving like a black panther or mountain goat instead of a dog, he cuts his paws, then  I have to bandage them up, which he hates. He’s a very vocal dog and moans and grumbles at many things, including bandages. So, when I have to bandage his co rottweiler, Diesel’s foot occasionally, Jed stands next to me watching and grumbling as if to say “Ooh! I know what that’s like, poor Diesel”

Then there’s the trades he likes to learn about. It’s a standing joke when the electrician comes to work at our house. Jed stands and watches everything he does as though he thinks he’ll turn into a person one day and become an electrician or plumber. One day, after the plumber had been round, we found some copper piping hidden in Jed’s cave behind the sofa. He’d obviously sneaked a bit of the pipe round there while the plumber was otherwise occupied or had gone to his van for something.

Another time, we were out walking and an old man was painting a fence up the lane. He said to me “I got the fright of my life the other day. I was painting away and felt something nudge my arm. I looked round to see him (Jed) watching me painting and thought, don’t panic. They’re the dogs you read about in the papers attacking people. But he seemed really friendly and we shared a sandwich together. He just seemed to want to know how to paint”

To be continued


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