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Small Bakewell Tarts – Free from Dairy, Wheat & Corn

These tasty little Bakewell Tarts won’t help you if you’re on a Slimming Diet but they are really moreish. Once you’ve had one, it’ll be hard to resist a second one.

Crocus ~ The shop, not the plant

I’ve ordered myself a few drought tolerant plants this morning from Crocus. They will go very nicely in my meadowy border where I am growing ornamental grasses, Daisies, Day Lilies, Red Hot Pokers and other tall plants.

The idea is to interweave them all in a slightly chaotic but planned way, so they all billow in the breeze during mid to late summer.

I saw a stunning border in this theme on Gardeners World last year and just had to try and copy it. The only trouble is, the rabbits seem to have different ideas.