So pleased we’ve changed to BT Broadband

Well! I wish we’d done ths sooner.

Having been with Tiscali (now TalkTalk) for the majority of our internet life, we’ve just changed to BT Fibre Broadband.

We had fibre broadband with TalkTalk, which, seemed slower than the ordinary Broadband I had before. Plus, the range was a lot less for some strange reason.

I spoke to TalkTalk about this and was told that was the best we could have in this area, due to the fact we’re in a rural setting. So I just accepted that. Waiting an age for Web pages to load. It was almost as bad as the old dial up system at times.

Anyway, because my husband pays for BT Sport each month, which has crept up from £12 p.m to £21.99 p.m, I looked into the total cost of that plus TalkTalk and, as it happens, that very day, BT were offering us a deal.

It worked out £100 cheaper per year to change over to BT and that’s with including the Free calls add on.

Now the strange thing is, our download speed with TalkTalk was approx 23Mb/sec and now it’s 18 Mb/sec today with BT but Web pages open about 10 times quicker, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Maybe someone out there can explain.

Is it just that the BT Hub is more efficient?

Whatever  the reaon. I’m just so pleased we’ve changed and now wish we’d done it earlier. Perhaps I can work more efficiently on my designs and websites now?