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How can I make an online shop – without spending lots of money

Quite easily actually

Chances are you’ve been looking on the website and found lots of confusing information on starting an online store. You will have seen adverts for the likes of Godaddy, Magento, Wix or Shopify etc., who charge you a monthly fee for using their services. All these outgoings are going to lessen your profits. It’s nice that these websites can be used to easily set up a web shop and have easy to use interfaces but there are other ways which are a lot cheaper and are not as scary as you may think.

How can I get on the first page of Google

The answer to this question is basically, through hard work.

Unfortunately, you can’t just make an amazing website and expect it to be up there on the first page. If you search for something on Google, the chances are, there’s some websites on the 1st page that are not fantastically designed and seem really basic, looking like they were made during the Windows 95 era.
The fact is, they’ve probably been ticking away and been worked on regularly for many years. And these websites have a good customer base with visitors remaining on their website for more than a millisecond.

So, what can you do to compete?