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Misleading Nutrition labels on the front food products

bread label

Something that really winds me up is the ‘so called’ simple Nutritional Advice labels the front of food packaging.

Quite often it will state that a food is low in Sugars. It might be low in ‘sugar’ as an ingredient but it most definitely isn’t when it’s on something like Bread or other high carb foods. All Carbohydrates turn to sugars in our bodies, so, these labels should really be saying High Sugar content.

Codswallop detected in food allergy tests


I just had to write a post on this article that appeared in the Sunday Times last weekend.

It really winds me up when these nonsensical, so-called trials appear in newspapers or on documentaries. Always biased to ridicule anything unexplained.
Part of the article is shown below but the whole write up took up half a page in the newspaper.

For a start, they said they sent along journalists with no known allergies. These machines don’t point out allergies per se, they point out foods that may be are not agreeing with your digestive system at a particular time – a food intolerance. It would have been far more convincing, if the journalist actually had an allergy and the machines could or couldn’t pick it up. And, are these journalists 100% healthy. I doubt it. No one is.  The foods they were told to try and avoid may well be causing a stress on their systems and they don’t even know it. Also, you can be sensitive to a food one day because of your health on that particular day and something else can be upsetting you the next. But the machine has a Medium and High reading for foods. It will list lots of foods that might be causing problems but only a few that are important. The Sunday Times article didn’t even mention this. I’m assuming, the reporter just latched onto the whole list for dramatic effect.

Samsung Smart TV does not work with Spotify or Napster

Samsung Smart TV – Not so smart

I had to write this post, as I’m so angry.

I researched on the internet and found Samsung Smart TV’s should come with a Spotify app and Napster app.

Well, the new ones don’t – even though it says on the Samsung website they do. I’ve contacted Samsung who say there is an app in the pipeline but they have no idea when it’ll be ready.

It was the only reason I bought this TV (UE32J5500) because, my husband who is a technophobe can’t work apps from smart phones or other devices.

I went to PCWorld, who also said these tv’s have Spotify – so, be warned.

It has an internet browser, so I thought I could go to and use the web player but that won’t work either.

Have now bought a Samsung Galaxy 4 to operate the system.