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The 10 a Day report – What the Media doesn’t mention

When I heard the news that we now have to eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, I wanted to read the original report for myself, as the media always leave crucial information out when they make these things headline news.
I’m not sure what Fruit and Vegetables we should be eating according to the research.  Apart from carrots (which have cancer causing properties), I think all root vegetables are OK. Read On.

Seed Packet Templates

seed packet templates

I’ve been harvesting a lot of seeds recently and thought I would sell them on the web, so wanted some nice vintage style seed packets. I searched for seed packet templates and didn’t really find what I wanted, so made my own.

How to change the screen on an iPad 2

Or, How I changed the screen on my iPad 2 in 3 hours.

I was chasing young Jake down the garden as he was up to mischief, iPad in hand. I more or less threw it onto the patio table and it didn’t quite sit on it properly and it fell to the ground. When I’d retrieved the naughty puppy, I went back to check on the damage, hoping the case had protected it.

Misleading Nutrition labels on the front food products

bread label

Something that really winds me up is the ‘so called’ simple Nutritional Advice labels the front of food packaging.

Quite often it will state that a food is low in Sugars. It might be low in ‘sugar’ as an ingredient but it most definitely isn’t when it’s on something like Bread or other high carb foods. All Carbohydrates turn to sugars in our bodies, so, these labels should really be saying High Sugar content.

Fat vs carbs: What’s really worse for your health?

For the last 12 years I have eaten animal fats in favour of carbohydrates, believing them to be better for me. I had some blood tests a few weeks ago for a standard check up and my cholesterol level was 5.3 overall. 0.3 over the recommended level for LDL (what doctors like to call bad cholesterol – but we can’t live without it and 0.3 is nothing)
My blood pressure was an optimum 120/70 and my weight of 60kgs is perfect for my 5′ 6″ height. I will be 60 years old later this year but I don’t feel it and most people say I look nothing like it. I feel great on my low carb diet without worrying about saturated fats. me-59

If you look at it logically. The people living today who are in their 90’s and up, were brought up on animal fats and a shortage of sugary foods. They didn’t live on takeaways packed full of carbohydrates. They couldn’t afford it for one thing and we didn’t have a lot of take aways until the 80’s. The only place to walk away with some food was a fish and chip shop and that was a treat once in a while. Fizzy drinks were also a luxury. I was allowed one small glass of pop on a Sunday with my roast dinner. The beef dripping was used to roast the potatoes and make Yorkshire puddings. I had Coca Cola about twice a year.

In New Scientist this week:

“PEOPLE have told me what I do is dangerous. They have walked away from me at meetings,” says David Unwin, a doctor practising in Southport, UK. Unwin suggests to his patients with type 2 diabetes or who want to lose weight that they do the opposite of what official health advice recommends. He advises them to stop counting calories, eat high-fat foods – including saturated fats – and avoid carbohydrates, namely sugar and starch. Telling people to avoid sugar is uncontroversial; the rest is medical heresy.

But crazy as it sounds, Unwin has found that most of his diabetes patients who follow this advice are getting their blood sugar back under control, and that some are coming off medication they have relied on for years. Those who are overweight are slimming down.

This might seem like just another controversial fad diet, but a growing number of researchers, doctors and nutritionists around the world are backing it, and reporting their findings in peer-reviewed medical journals. Last month, the National Obesity Forum, a UK body for health professionals involved in weight management, made headlines when it overhauled its advice, telling people to ditch calorie-counting, low-fat foods and carbs in favour of fats.

To read the rest of the article you will need to pay for a subscription or buy the magazine.

Vintage Hen Party – Any theme you like

Hen Party Vintage Style

Hen Party Vintage StyleFancy a Hen Party with a twist. Why not book your own amazing Vintage Style Hen Party.

Vintage Hen Parties Brighton offer a selection of unique experiences for you to choose from. A couple of recent popular themes have been ‘Glee’ and ‘Spice Girls’. What’s your favourite? Some ideas are shown below to give you some inspiration. You don’t have to be based in Brighton. They cover an approximate radius of 60 miles.



How to make a simple Tartan Cushion

Sitting in a waiting room recently, I thumbed through a copy of Ideal Home magazine and saw a Tartan Cushion with a fringe and buttons. I thought, that looks really good. I could make that for a fraction of the cost, so I have.

I ordered a metre of Tartan material from Ebay in Balmoral Mulberry. There were loads of different styles and colours to choose from. It’s a wool effect and washable. A metre is enough to make 3 cushion covers approx 18″ square.

The instructions below might seem fiddly but it’s not. It took me no longer than half an hour to make for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Also, there’s no fiddly zips to put in as the cushion just slides into it like a pillow case opening.

Codswallop detected in food allergy tests


I just had to write a post on this article that appeared in the Sunday Times last weekend.

It really winds me up when these nonsensical, so-called trials appear in newspapers or on documentaries. Always biased to ridicule anything unexplained.
Part of the article is shown below but the whole write up took up half a page in the newspaper.

For a start, they said they sent along journalists with no known allergies. These machines don’t point out allergies per se, they point out foods that may be are not agreeing with your digestive system at a particular time – a food intolerance. It would have been far more convincing, if the journalist actually had an allergy and the machines could or couldn’t pick it up. And, are these journalists 100% healthy. I doubt it. No one is.  The foods they were told to try and avoid may well be causing a stress on their systems and they don’t even know it. Also, you can be sensitive to a food one day because of your health on that particular day and something else can be upsetting you the next. But the machine has a Medium and High reading for foods. It will list lots of foods that might be causing problems but only a few that are important. The Sunday Times article didn’t even mention this. I’m assuming, the reporter just latched onto the whole list for dramatic effect.

Samsung Smart TV does not work with Spotify or Napster

Samsung Smart TV – Not so smart

I had to write this post, as I’m so angry.

I researched on the internet and found Samsung Smart TV’s should come with a Spotify app and Napster app.

Well, the new ones don’t – even though it says on the Samsung website they do. I’ve contacted Samsung who say there is an app in the pipeline but they have no idea when it’ll be ready.

It was the only reason I bought this TV (UE32J5500) because, my husband who is a technophobe can’t work apps from smart phones or other devices.

I went to PCWorld, who also said these tv’s have Spotify – so, be warned.

It has an internet browser, so I thought I could go to and use the web player but that won’t work either.

Have now bought a Samsung Galaxy 4 to operate the system.

Aunty Lils Stars ~ Font

Stars font

This is a pretty font I adapted to include stars instead of hearts.

You can download it from this website –

Aunty Lils Dots – Free font download

This is a font I created to use for personal use. It is free to download from Here

Hope you like it.

aunty lils dots

How to paint a Limed Oak Kitchen

limed oak kitchenWhen we built our house 16 years ago, I designed the kitchen and have always loved it. We actually bought it from Wickes, and I believe the quality was better back then than now. But that’s a subject for another time.

Over the years, as damp has got into the panelling, it started to discolour and no amount of cleaning would get it looking perfect again.

I didn’t want the hassle of having a new kitchen fitted – besides which, I couldn’t find one I liked as much.

So, I decided to try and paint it.

The Customer is always right ~ Origin

tumblr_m9u676bOGE1qfcjjxo1_500[1]IT was Mahatma Gandhi who in a speech in South Africa in 1890 said:

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.”

If only modern day shops could remember this.

Friendship and other Endearments Quotes

I love you - you make my heart smile

I love you - you make my heart smileThese are some of the inspirational sayings I’ve collected over the years. They were very handy when engraving personalised gifts.



Pearls of wisdom

Man makes plansI’m sure you’ve probably heard these before but they come in very useful at times:

That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger

Man makes plans….  God laughs!

A useful quote for bad Customer Service

My son took some football boots back to a sport’s shop last week because a stud fell off before even playing football. They don’t provide spares or keys to change them these days in our ‘Throw away society’

The shop assistant just said “What do you want me to do about it?”  in a sarcastic tone “Try calling Adidas”

With that, my son asked to see the manager who was equally ignorant and said “Sorry mate, nothing I can do about it”

After arguing the fact for a while, my son turned to the manager and said “Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure”

He then walked out of the shop leaving them looking confused.

In these bad economic times, you’d thing these people would be grateful to have employment. Companies need to get their act together and teach their staff better Customer Service. That should be their number one priority.