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Jake – The Rottweiler puppy

Rottweiler puppy

Jake the Rottweiler puppy

So there I was, half heartedly looking at Rottweiler puppy adverts because I was feeling so empty after losing my lovely boy Jed. And Millie was so quiet, her Mojo had disappeared without her big boys to look after and boss around any more.

Jed – The Final Chapter

Jed leaving hospital

Jed leaving hospital

It’s taken a little while for me to be able to write this post as I wouldn’t have been able to read what I was typing through the tears. I’m not after sympathy, I just wanted to write about Jed to be able to look back in the future to remember his antics and also to write about the times of his illness, in the hopes it will help someone who’s having similar difficulties with their beloved pet.

Jed and the Deer

Friday the 13th. What could go wrong today? A lovely sunny morning, Jed, Silly Millie and I set off up the lane for a pleasant morning stroll.

Our Diesel – The Big Teddy Bear

Beautiful rottweiler
Our Beautiful Boy

Our Beautiful Boy

I said I wasn’t going to have another Rottweiler but then I saw Diesel at the RSPCA and it was Love at First sight. We went down there because after we got Millie as a playmate and companion for Jed but he didn’t really want to know. He was still grieving after losing his best friend Annie. Jed became quite insular and aloof and it has taken him nearly five years to become a loving dog again.

Update on Jed 2

Yesterday, Jed had to go for his second Melanoma vaccine, which would have gone better if I’d given him his sedative pills a couple of hours earlier. As usual, he became suspicious of the machinery etc., so had to be muzzled. The vet said he was too clever for his own good and knew what was coming. Poor Jed!

One of the lady’s on reception sent me a photo they took of Jed when he was sent home a week after his operation. He jumped up on to the seat next to me and looked so happy to be going home. As you can see.

Update on Jed 1

Well, two weeks after coming home, we went back to have his mouth checked out. And I was really worried he’d have to have it repaired but, thankfully, the hole wasn’t too big and Prof. Bacon said it may well heal on it’s own.

His Melanoma vaccine has been ordered and paid for.

Jed’s Sad News

For some time now, I’d noticed Jed’s breath wasn’t smelling as fresh as it usually does. Well, at least as fresh as a dog’s breath can be. I mentioned it to Eileka the vet who treats our other rottie Diesel with acupuncture for his arthritis and she said I need to get him checked out.

About Jed the Rottweiler

I’m not sure where to start here. Jed must be the strangest dog we’ve ever owned. And we’ve had 8 dogs over the years. He’s obviously extremely intelligent and thinks far too deeply for a dog. They say dogs don’t ‘reason’ but I’m sure he does. Which is why he’s a bit of a worrier when it comes to being examined by vets or seeing other dogs having treatment.

Jed the Rottweiler – the early years

jed 2I’ve been meaning to write about Jed for many years but haven’t got round to it until now, so I will have forgotten some of his antics over his 9 years.

Before we got Jed in 2006, we had another rottweiler named Henry (who I shall write about another day) a beautiful big Teddy bear with a huge head and the soppiest demeanour. He had died of an osteosarcoma in his back leg at 8 years old. We were inconsolable when he died.

Anyway, having decided (in my opinion) that rottweilers are the most fantastic dogs on earth, I did some research on finding a line of rotties that, hopefully, wouldn’t have the cancer gene and found Cameus Rottweilers in Wales. Coincidentally, when I contacted them, they were expecting a litter of pups that June. I felt this was meant to be and I would have another soppy dog, just like Henry…

… How wrong could I be?