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Turkish style Chicken Kebab Recipe

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This recipe is suitable for Slimming World or my Low Carb Diet and is Free from Dairy & Wheat

There are the two different versions below to serve 2 people

Jake – The Rottweiler puppy

Rottweiler puppy

Jake the Rottweiler puppy

So there I was, half heartedly looking at Rottweiler puppy adverts because I was feeling so empty after losing my lovely boy Jed. And Millie was so quiet, her Mojo had disappeared without her big boys to look after and boss around any more.

Misleading Nutrition labels on the front food products

bread label

Something that really winds me up is the ‘so called’ simple Nutritional Advice labels the front of food packaging.

Quite often it will state that a food is low in Sugars. It might be low in ‘sugar’ as an ingredient but it most definitely isn’t when it’s on something like Bread or other high carb foods. All Carbohydrates turn to sugars in our bodies, so, these labels should really be saying High Sugar content.

The Best Gluten Free bread in the world – Probably!

If, like my husband, you can’t have Cornflour as well as Wheat, then you have a big problem with all the gluten free products on the market. Just about every item contains corn of some sort and it comes it lots of different guises.

Gluten Free Bread rolls, Baps and Burger Buns – Soft and light

Fancy a burger in a Sesame seed bap that tastes like the real thing? This recipe makes lovely soft rolls that you can have plain or covered in seeds. Sesame or Poppy for example

Jed – The Final Chapter

Jed leaving hospital

Jed leaving hospital

It’s taken a little while for me to be able to write this post as I wouldn’t have been able to read what I was typing through the tears. I’m not after sympathy, I just wanted to write about Jed to be able to look back in the future to remember his antics and also to write about the times of his illness, in the hopes it will help someone who’s having similar difficulties with their beloved pet.

Fat vs carbs: What’s really worse for your health?

For the last 12 years I have eaten animal fats in favour of carbohydrates, believing them to be better for me. I had some blood tests a few weeks ago for a standard check up and my cholesterol level was 5.3 overall. 0.3 over the recommended level for LDL (what doctors like to call bad cholesterol – but we can’t live without it and 0.3 is nothing)
My blood pressure was an optimum 120/70 and my weight of 60kgs is perfect for my 5′ 6″ height. I will be 60 years old later this year but I don’t feel it and most people say I look nothing like it. I feel great on my low carb diet without worrying about saturated fats. me-59

If you look at it logically. The people living today who are in their 90’s and up, were brought up on animal fats and a shortage of sugary foods. They didn’t live on takeaways packed full of carbohydrates. They couldn’t afford it for one thing and we didn’t have a lot of take aways until the 80’s. The only place to walk away with some food was a fish and chip shop and that was a treat once in a while. Fizzy drinks were also a luxury. I was allowed one small glass of pop on a Sunday with my roast dinner. The beef dripping was used to roast the potatoes and make Yorkshire puddings. I had Coca Cola about twice a year.

In New Scientist this week:

“PEOPLE have told me what I do is dangerous. They have walked away from me at meetings,” says David Unwin, a doctor practising in Southport, UK. Unwin suggests to his patients with type 2 diabetes or who want to lose weight that they do the opposite of what official health advice recommends. He advises them to stop counting calories, eat high-fat foods – including saturated fats – and avoid carbohydrates, namely sugar and starch. Telling people to avoid sugar is uncontroversial; the rest is medical heresy.

But crazy as it sounds, Unwin has found that most of his diabetes patients who follow this advice are getting their blood sugar back under control, and that some are coming off medication they have relied on for years. Those who are overweight are slimming down.

This might seem like just another controversial fad diet, but a growing number of researchers, doctors and nutritionists around the world are backing it, and reporting their findings in peer-reviewed medical journals. Last month, the National Obesity Forum, a UK body for health professionals involved in weight management, made headlines when it overhauled its advice, telling people to ditch calorie-counting, low-fat foods and carbs in favour of fats.

To read the rest of the article you will need to pay for a subscription or buy the magazine.

Jed and the Deer

Friday the 13th. What could go wrong today? A lovely sunny morning, Jed, Silly Millie and I set off up the lane for a pleasant morning stroll.

Our Diesel – The Big Teddy Bear

Beautiful rottweiler
Our Beautiful Boy

Our Beautiful Boy

I said I wasn’t going to have another Rottweiler but then I saw Diesel at the RSPCA and it was Love at First sight. We went down there because after we got Millie as a playmate and companion for Jed but he didn’t really want to know. He was still grieving after losing his best friend Annie. Jed became quite insular and aloof and it has taken him nearly five years to become a loving dog again.

Update on Jed 2

Yesterday, Jed had to go for his second Melanoma vaccine, which would have gone better if I’d given him his sedative pills a couple of hours earlier. As usual, he became suspicious of the machinery etc., so had to be muzzled. The vet said he was too clever for his own good and knew what was coming. Poor Jed!

One of the lady’s on reception sent me a photo they took of Jed when he was sent home a week after his operation. He jumped up on to the seat next to me and looked so happy to be going home. As you can see.