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Jed’s Sad News

For some time now, I’d noticed Jed’s breath wasn’t smelling as fresh as it usually does. Well, at least as fresh as a dog’s breath can be. I mentioned it to Eileka the vet who treats our other rottie Diesel with acupuncture for his arthritis and she said I need to get him checked out.

About Jed the Rottweiler

I’m not sure where to start here. Jed must be the strangest dog we’ve ever owned. And we’ve had 8 dogs over the years. He’s obviously extremely intelligent and thinks far too deeply for a dog. They say dogs don’t ‘reason’ but I’m sure he does. Which is why he’s a bit of a worrier when it comes to being examined by vets or seeing other dogs having treatment.

How to read a nutrition label and use it to help lose weight

nutrition labelNutrition labels can be very confusing but hopefully, I can help you demystify them a little.

This label to the left lists all the main nutritional elements of the food in the packet.

For Slimming World purposes – or any slimming diet really, you should be most interested in the fat and sugar content, as that is where the majority of the calories will come from.

In this item, you can see the fat content is virtually nothing. For every 100g it is 0.6g which basically means 0.6% of the whole packet would be fat.
However, the Carbohydrate level is very high and the sugar content in particular is also high. It doesn’t look much as a helping size but when you look at the 100g measurement, it means almost 90% of the food contains carbohydrates, 25% of which is sugar.

Use the 100g list on Nutrition labels to visualise how much fat or sugar you are having in a meal. Just pretend 100g is 100% and then try to keep the fat and sugar to about 5 – 10% of your meal. i. e5g – 10g That way, you should be able to lose weight without counting calories … As long as you don’t have rediculously large portions on your plate.

For Syns o

Hope that helps. If you’re still confused, add a question or comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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Why can I have dry pasta but not fresh pasta on the Slimming World Diet

dry pasta less carbsBecause, fresh pasta has twice as many carbohydrates as dry pasta.

In the Slimming World rules, you will see, you can only choose dry pasta to have as a free food. When you cook fresh pasta, it stays the same size and the amount of carbohydrates in 100g of fresh pasta is the same as the amount of carbs in 100g of dry pasta. But when you cook dry pasta, it doubles in size, therefore having half the carbs on your plate. And as Slimming World is based on Low Glycemic and low fat foods, this would stop you eating too many carbohydrates in a single portion.

Slimming World – Syn Calculator

I’ve recently been studying the Slimming World Diet, as a good friend of mine joined up and lost a couple of stone in a relatively short space of time. I didn’t want to pay the fee to join up, preferring to find out about the diet and just do it following the rules. So I set to work on Googling the rules. It’s easy to find the rules on the internet, so I’m not going to go into those in detail in this article. I just wanted to point out the way the diet works.

Jed the Rottweiler – the early years

jed 2I’ve been meaning to write about Jed for many years but haven’t got round to it until now, so I will have forgotten some of his antics over his 9 years.

Before we got Jed in 2006, we had another rottweiler named Henry (who I shall write about another day) a beautiful big Teddy bear with a huge head and the soppiest demeanour. He had died of an osteosarcoma in his back leg at 8 years old. We were inconsolable when he died.

Anyway, having decided (in my opinion) that rottweilers are the most fantastic dogs on earth, I did some research on finding a line of rotties that, hopefully, wouldn’t have the cancer gene and found Cameus Rottweilers in Wales. Coincidentally, when I contacted them, they were expecting a litter of pups that June. I felt this was meant to be and I would have another soppy dog, just like Henry…

… How wrong could I be?

How can I make an online shop – without spending lots of money

Quite easily actually

Chances are you’ve been looking on the website and found lots of confusing information on starting an online store. You will have seen adverts for the likes of Godaddy, Magento, Wix or Shopify etc., who charge you a monthly fee for using their services. All these outgoings are going to lessen your profits. It’s nice that these websites can be used to easily set up a web shop and have easy to use interfaces but there are other ways which are a lot cheaper and are not as scary as you may think.

How can I get on the first page of Google

The answer to this question is basically, through hard work.

Unfortunately, you can’t just make an amazing website and expect it to be up there on the first page. If you search for something on Google, the chances are, there’s some websites on the 1st page that are not fantastically designed and seem really basic, looking like they were made during the Windows 95 era.
The fact is, they’ve probably been ticking away and been worked on regularly for many years. And these websites have a good customer base with visitors remaining on their website for more than a millisecond.

So, what can you do to compete?