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Low carb, high protein diets linked to women’s heart disease – –

You may have heard this report on the news this week, so I thought I’d put it up here in full.

If you read the last paragraph, you will see that it’s completely inconclusive, according to other experts.

I would just like to say though, I personally follow a low carb diet but I don’t eat an excessive amount of protein (eg. Fish, Meat, Cheese & Eggs) or loads of fat.  I like to think I have a normal amount. I also have low blood pressure for a middle-aged woman (120/70) and low cholesterol. So who knows. It might be a diet or hereditary thing.


Unani Dietetics: Influence of Food ~ Interesting article based on the fact ‘We are what we eat’

“He who eats alone eats with Satan;
he who eats with one other person eats
with a tyrant; he who eats with two
other people eats with the prophets.”
–Prophetic Saying

Unani Dietetics:

Influence of Food and Drink